Installed new dvd/cd drive now recieving errors

I recently had to install a new dvd drive. I have done this before without running into problems but this time I had to get a new Sata chord as it was a smaller one then I had. That seemed to work fine. I definitely have power to the device but whenever a cd or dvd is placed into the drive it does not recognize that it is there. I am thinking I might have an issue with the setup of the sata data chord but I'm unsure. Has anyone had an issue like this? If so what should I do to fix it?
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  1. Try another cable(DATA) if you have it.

    If the drive is showing up on the system and not reading discs, try a CD to see if that is able to be read. Maybe you just have a defective drive. This can happen with all manufacturers.

    You can not mess up the cable setup, they only fit one way :)
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