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I need to know which single slot card is the best available at this point; I am building a HTPC (with occasional low-detail gaming) so the "graphic card for the money" and "GPU chart" are not as effective in the selecion process.
I would like to know the brand and the GPU involved for each suggestion, if possible.

CPU used for that will be about the performance level of i3-530 (so if CPU is a bottleneck I can adjust the graphics requirements)

I'll be using linux (I prefer Fedora, but can can switch to OpenSuSE or Debian if needed) and/or WinXP x64
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  1. @multiscreenz, check your PM's please.
  2. I would try an ATI HD5670. They are thin and small and do not require extra power, yet you still get the GDDR5 and the Direct X11 perks! They are about $90-$120 depending on the brand.
  3. Agree, HD5670 would be good since you're looking for a single slot card...
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