Seagate HDD 80gbytes showing 100mb, cant install XP

Hello Everybody! :)

i have a problem with my friends HDD. He formattet the drive when it was running windows 7 because the rig couldent handle it.
He want to have windows XP home edition back on, as that was the system it ran on when he bought the PC.
i have installed many windows xp/vista/7 and i thought i knew what i was doing but it wont let me install the system on the HDD becouse it kept asking for drivers wich he did not have.
now i have the HDD home at my place and when i put it into my rig it show that it have 100mb space and not 80gb of space. i realy need help on this one, i have spent the first 30 hours on this and my head is starting to hurt ;).

Thanks in advance dani1989

PS: im sorry for spelling errors and so on, but english is not my first language.
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  1. Hi,

    Their are two possibilities:

    1- the hard drive has only a small partition of 100 mb formatted, so you just need to delete and recreate a full (80 gb) partition or the HD is defective (old seagate HD) and needs to be replaces

    To create a new partition you can do that with xp installation disk while installing windows. Just google it
  2. I would test the hard drive to check if it has failed.
    If you have installed the drive in your rig as a second drive so you can still run your Windows on your rig, test your friend's hard drive with "Seagate SeaTools for Windows" which can test any brand of drive. Click "Downloads" on this page:

    Select your Windows version, then click the "Download" button.
    Install it, then open it.
    Select your friend's hard drive and run both the "Short" & "Long/Extended" tests on it.

    If you see "Failed" after testing it, your friend needs a new hard drive.
  3. alright i will try that. thanks for quick reply, i get back to you soon after testing
  4. I don't think the drive has failed. it may have a windows 7(NTFS) partition along with the 100MB partition. You will need to remove these partitions, and then install XP.
  5. Indeed the drive may not have failed, but if it was me I would want to know for sure whether it has or it hasn't. If it hasn't, then the OP can confidently move on to trying something else.

    You may well be right about the 100MB boot manager partition - I hope your are. It will save the OP's friend the cost of a new drive.
  6. The 100MB partition is the recovery partition created by Windows 7 when it was installed and should be deleted. If all else fails boot from the Windows 7 disk and delete and recreate and format the partition.
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