Intel 330 Series (180gb) vs Crucial M4 (128Gb)



Crucial M4:

Please note that in a price match, I've been allowed to get the Intel as low as 109.99$ and the M4's one at 96.99$.

Performance and reliability wise, would the Crucial M4 worth the loss of 60 gb and decrease of 13.99$ in the price?
What would you guys choose if you had the same situation to deal with?

I want an SSD as main boot device as well as setting a few games in it, I really doubt that i'd need 180gb for that but it can always be usefull. Is a full SSD slower than an almost empty one? Does it work like Magnetic HDD?

Thanks in advane :D
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  1. I need help :( About to place my purchase but I'm still not sure :(
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    Jump on the Intel 330 180gb.

    Larger ssd's perform a bit better. Yes, a SSD slows down as it nears full capacity usage.
    The reason is that the ssd has to work harder to find unused nand chips so that it can do a write only.
    Otherwise, it needs to do a read/rewrite operation.
    In sequential operations, there are more nand chips that can be accessed in parallel with a larger ssd.
    Sort of an internal raid-0.

    From a reliability point of view, I think Intel and samsung have a better shot.
    They both make their own nand chips and can do a better job of validation.

    A SSD is 50x faster in random i/o, that is what the os does mostly.
    A ssd is 2-3x faster in sequential.
    It is one of the best performance upgrades you can make today.
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  4. Thanks :D

    I'll take the Intel 330 then :D
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