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I have read somewhere that some or all of the Phenom II x4 processors can unlock 2 cores to make them 6 core processors. I am particularly interested in the x4 965 and the x6 1055t. If it is true that the 965 can have 2 cores unlocked, does anyone know what the benchmark would be for that one, and if you don't know, do you know where I can find out?
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  1. Only a few like the 960T are derivatives of the x6 Thuban, if it doesnt have a T at the end it doesnt have turbo so there is a 99.9% chance that it is Deneb based and can only be unlocked up a 965, there might be a few Thuban based ones that got thrown in but since they would need different BIOS support its unlikely.

    The 9xx series are complete chips, as are the 10xx series, neither of them have any components remaining on them to be unlocked.
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    Not all AMD quad cores are made from the 6 cores. Only CPUs based on the Zosma cores are 6 cores with 2 shut off and from what I have seen they were canceled. The Thuban core is the 6 core CPU.

    Here is the link about the cancellation

    The 965 is only a quad core.
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