8400GS locks up my GX620

So i am trying to get a lil larger of a card in this Optiplex GX620 i have and decided to go with a 8400GS as it fit my needs.. upon installation of the card however the computer refused to fully boot. It will POST, tell me the card is there, then blackscreen when it comes time to load windows and freeze. any ideas as to the cause of this?
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  1. Have you changed the BIOS from Onboard VGA to PCIe?
  2. Did you uninstall your old Video card Drivers before you removed the old card? If not, I would put that back in and try that. Also, you may want to set the BIOS to boot from PCIe first. If you had onboard video, you should probably disable that in the Device Manager.
  3. @multiscreenz, check your PM's please.
  4. Uninstalled the old ATI drivers when i yanked the Radion7000 out. The 8400 is a PCI card not PCIe but yes it is enabled and worked with the old card. As far as disableing onboard grapics, it seems to auto disable when i plug a card in but i cant turn it off in windows as the system dosn't get that far in loading.
  5. If you know that the 8400GS is working I can only presume that Windows is still looking for the ATi card when it boots. Put it back in and try a driver sweeper program or reformat and reinstall windows.
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