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Im hoping to update my GC on my Windows XP system. I have 3 gig ram max on my system avaialable. Curently i have a ATI Radion 9600 series- a bit old but not sure which one to buy due to which one is compatable with my PC.
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  1. Need more info. What type of computer? OEM or custom build? Intel, AMD? What motherboard? What type of local bus: AGP or PCIe?
  2. It custom built PC. PCI
    Motherboard: micro- star model MS-6566E / i845E

    I hope that ok

    Hope to hear from you
  3. Quote:
    is this an older P4 HT board, not even dual-core capable.?
    if so then don't spend on it if you don't have to, look into a newer rig.
    my opinion of course..

    +1 as well.

    As much as i like old system running for as long as they can, P4's are starting to get behind the times.

    Even a 2.8GHz HT cpu i have was showing it's age. High cpu utilization on what would be considers low end flash games is a very good example of showing it self behind the times.
  4. Even though I love the older hardware I have to agree.
    The only thing I would say is if you can find a Ati X850 XT or Nvidia 7600GT REAL cheap (like used on Craigslist CHEAP) then go for it otherwise spending more than 40-50 USD on a card doesn't make sense.
    I am assuming this is an AGP setup BTW.
    Which I am pretty sure the I845 chipset was.
    AGP cards are actually more expensive than the equivalent PCI Express cards.
    Also check your power supply and see what total wattage and 12v rail amperage is.
    If your under 350watts than most cards better than the 9600 wont work.
    I try to keep my equipment going as long as possible but I try to keep in mind "Bang for Buck".
    What you would spend new on a better AGP card than the 9600 just wouldn't be worth it.
    So if you find a dirt cheap used card then great otherwise save up for a new build.
    If your going to look used than ATI X850,Nvidia 7600gs,Nvidia 7300GT,Nvidia 7600GT,Nvidia 7800GT,Ati 1650 Pro (power hungry) etc.
    Try to make sure it is at least DirectX 9.0C compatible.
    Good Luck
  5. Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 or HD 4650: $50-$65 after rebates.

    The HD 3650 has roughly 3 times the jam of your old Radeon and will make quite a difference (especially in cases of hardware acceleration with the original version of UVD).

    The extra $15 for the HD 4650 1GB is probably worth it but either way the GDDR2 memory on each card will hold you back a good bit. If you want to really go for it, the HIS Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR3 AGP 4X/8X is $82 after rebate --- clearly 'King of the Hill' in this bunch of cards.

    Power consumption should be in the range of 45-50w.
  6. fourwheeldrive73 said:
    It custom built PC. PCI
    Motherboard: micro- star model MS-6566E / i845E

    I hope that ok

    Hope to hear from you

    hmmm not agp or pcie :whistle:
  7. warmon6 said:
    hmmm not agp or pcie :whistle:

    Hard to say but a quick seach on MSI for MS-6566E ...

  8. Looks like agp to me
    Those are nice AGP choices malmental but would you spend 50-60 on that system?
    Me personally I would use Craigslist and buy an older agp card like i mentioned for under 30-40 USD.
    I saw a ATI 850xt AGP for $20 USD in NJ,USA section.
    Also depends on the PSU.
  9. Best answer
    I agree.
    I bought a 7600gs and two Xeon 3.2 Prestonia s604 for a total of 39 USD including shipping to squeeze the last of life of my Dell Precision 450.
    I was tempted to get the XFX 4650 1gb agp but that is 68 bucks on Newegg and I just cant justify spending that on a agp system.
    I am looking for a Dell Precision 670/470/490 for cheap (My name IS King SMP) so i can get a dual Xeon again though this time it will be two Dual Core Xeons hehe
    or a custom LGA775 system on CL with a good case and PSU and hopefully get a Q9550 or E8xxx series down the road.
    Sorry I like Intel better than AMD though I do respect AMD (NOT an Intel Fanboi!)
    Your right unless it is a very high end P4 (a nice Asus/MSI board with a P4 3.4 can OC to around 4.5 done right) that you already own then it is not worth it to upgrade if it is below a P4 3.0 (even then it is borderline) unless it is done dirt cheap.
    BTW try a dual display setup with a tv tuner showing the Jets or Nascar on your secondary while you are on the primary browsing/encoding etc.
    TV tuners are cheap now.
    I got a Hauppage WinTV usb along with a Belkin PCI USB 2.0 card,5 blank DVDRWs,Belkin powered 1.1 hub for $20 bucks.
    Also got a Dell 19inch 1280x1024 LCD for $25 bucks and the lady threw in the FEAR boxed set (5 cd-roms!).
    I love yard sales...
  10. Quote:
    fourwheeldrive73 - sorry bro if the truths hurts but it is what it is..

    Thanks for your advice
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