AMD Turion MK-36 temps

I was wondering if this is normal temps for a moble turion CPU.

The laptop is an Acer Aspire 5100-3583 if that helps any.

you see the intergrated Graphics went on the mother board so I bought a new mother board from Ebay. Every thing seems to run smooth other than the CPU getting a little hot. I put AS5 on the CPU but I could not get all of the gunk off of the Heat sink.
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  2. I highly doubt it that 100 degrees is normal for any CPU to be honest. Try and blow with compressed canned air underneath laptop through air inlets / exhausts and see if things get any better. Dust builds up gradually and restricts airflow...
  3. well I just put the laptop back together after getting a new motherboard from Ebay.

    Btw I tighented down a couple of screws that looked lose it brought down the temp to 91c after about 10 minutes of prime 95. The max temp I found out is 95c. I'm going to see if a cooling plate would help.
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