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  1. If you want to upgrade to 2 5850s in the future i suggest you spend another $20 and move up to the XFX 750W unit, it will give you some extra head room when you upgrade.

    I wouldnt go for the board and ram megagabobe1 suggested, its an AM2+ board with DDR2 ram, get a good AM3 board. This 890GX board from ASUS fits your motherboard budget well, and the Gskill eco kit is good performance for a good price

    The motherboard will come with a few SATA cables so you dont need to buy an extra one with your HDD.
  2. ^+1 great recommendations
  3. gougeface said:

    I still need a good AMD mobo and ram if anyone could suggest but the Mobo has to be at least $140 no more then that. I do plan on adding anouther ATI 5850 in the near future.

    Biostar TA890FXE 16/16 $139.99 and standing toe to toe with the godliest/priciest 890FX out there?,2640-14.html
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