Toshiba External Hard disk 500 GB

I am unable to use my toshiba external hard disk as a message comes out when connected that the disk needs formatting. When I tried to format the disk, error comes out as the computer is unable to format. Please Help me out ..........Awaiting answers...........
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  1. With external hard drives it's often the USB converter board inside the enclosure which fails, causing a communication error between the drive and your system. When that happens (and it's quite common) the only option is to bust open the enclosure, remove the drive, detach the board, then put the drive in to a third-party enclosure.

    However, all hard drives fail eventually, whether internal or external, so you may want to test it first. You'll have to use Windows-based diagnostic software because it's a USB drive, and since Toshiba only have DOS diagnostic software, you must use something else.

    "SeaTools for Windows" can test any brand of hard drive and you can get it here (click "Downloads" on the page):
  2. Hello,
    Have you tried going to Disk Management, with the Toshiba connected, and trying to format the volume there? Also to note is that when you format a disk partition or volume, you lose all the data on that volume.

    With the Toshiba connected, in Disk Management, could you please upload a screenshot of the Disk Management dialog box and post it in your next post, so we could see exactly how your OS recognizes the ext drive, and if the partition is "Unallocated".
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