Cpu temp different what do i trust?

im useing two different monitors real temp & cpuid hardware monitor im runing a i7 870 overclocked @ 4.0 ghz useing a e.c.o watercooler

real temp is 39c/41c at idle

cpuid is 49c/50c at idle

what do i trust?? plz respond thx for your time..
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  1. Real temp or core temp are known to be the most accurate.
  2. i also just downloaded core temp and it agreeing with real temp
  3. That's your actual temps.
  4. Very good temps! Which cooler/fan and case fans are you using?
  5. e.c.o water cooler (like the h50) just did a little load test 70c/72c
  6. silverstone ft02 case
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