Hitachi 500 gb driver for windows 7

im having problems installing my windows 7 i have 2 hitachi 500 gb raid and when i try to install the windows 7 it says that windows can't recognize the hard drives and i need to install a driver ??? help
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  1. During the install there should be an option for installing 3rd party devices/drivers. You need to install the raid drivers then. They should be on the disk that came with the motherboard.
  2. i formatted windows 7 several times but i didn't have any problem and sorry but i don't have the cd of the motherboard because my pc is build from my friend . can the problem be the cd ? because now i'm trying with another cd different from the last time ?
  3. It doesn't matter who built it. Since you paid for it, it should include all manuals and disks that came with every piece of hardware and software. I'd insist your friend turn them over, especially the OS disk and COA.

    In the meantime, you can go to the motherboard manufacturer's web site, find your board, and download the drivers you need, which should be all of them since your friend didn't supply you with the motherboard disk.
  4. can you find me that please ? i have a ASUS p6t deluxe v2
  5. h1ppno said:
    can you find me that please ? i have a ASUS p6t deluxe v2

    Wow, I don't mind helping people, but you have to at least do a little of the work. How hard would it have been to go to asus's web site, espescially since you already know the model of motherboard. In my opinion, that's very lazy. You won't learn unless you do it yourself.
  6. After you download the drivers, follow the instructions to burn them to a CD, DVD, or use a usb drive for installation during Windows install.
  7. sorry for my behavior i didn't mean for you to do all the work but i visited the asus web site but i could't find the driver anyway thanks a lot :)
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