First Time Gaming Build Under $1000 Need Help Please

Hey, it is my first time building a PC and i would like some feedback on my choices of parts and pricing. I need to stay under $1000 or right around there for the entire build (tax included). Also, i do not have a monitor so that must be included in the build as well. I am planning to slightly overclock my CPU (AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition). I already have an operating system and keyboard/mouse. Please leave any thoughts concerns or comments on the build they are much appreciated. Thanks.

CPU + Motherboard

Case + PSU


RAM (I will be adding more in 2-3 months)

HDD (Will be adding a larger Hard Drive if i find the need for it later as well.)

Monitor (1920 x 1080 resolution)

Thats about it please help me out!
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    ^ You wont need a board with Crossfire if you will be going with a Nvidia card...
    And also the CM GX series PSUs are not good performers...
    Here is a build...
    X4 955 + Corsair 550VX(One of the best 500-550W PSU

    Gigabyte 870A + 4GB GSKillz DDR3 - With this combo, you get this RAM for less than that price...

    HDD - Samsung F3 1TB - $5 more and performs better, faster and more storage...
  3. Thanks so much for the input
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