NF-M2SV Problem

When i start the system it shut immediately without POST or beeps.

Already started without the case.. still not working.

Specs using without case:
Memory: 512MB 1Rx8 PC2-4200U-444-11
AET660UD00-370A98X A5C60711 (not tested)
Written on the memory chipset: AENEON AET93F370
Graphic: onboard
Screen: DELL 2209WA
Platform: wood like
Speaker: from other computer( BTW how i test Speaker without motherboard?)
Power Cable: from other device(working)
Power on: by Jumper.

Result: non.
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  1. new info:
    if no memory stick is inserted, the system continues to run but without beeps.
    (how i check the beeper without computer?)
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