Massive hdd problem HELP PLZ !!!!

i recently brought a new segate green 2 tb earx drive for my important data pourposes now when i got the hdd i used a sata to usb hub ( or something like that ) now i saw that the real life speed writs were quite GOOD up to 135mb/s then i starting to store data on the drive all my project work all psd's tools softs personal and family pics family videos AND al in all that was 1.3tb worth of usercreated data of me then i go to disk mangement and offline the disk and put it out and switch to my laptop's hdd put the data on my pc and when i switch back to my new disk it was telling me of formatting the disk before i can see it i was't panic i just go to disk mangement and what i see is one partition with 288+ gb and an unalocated space of 1.6tb
witch is not suppose to be thre cause i only created one full partition of it
i done some reserch and found a soft called find and mount witch is suppose to be recover any data on a drive
it did not work iT coul'd find any data on the drive
i must have that data it is massive ly important for my carrier it includes thousents of hours of my work and i am not willing to lose this at any cost

using win 7
i did try it on strait sata connection witch did the same result
replaying will be grately apreciated
my earnings depends on the data it has so plz hel me :.|
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  1. when you switch it to ONLINE in Disk Management, it doesn't allow you to choose a drive letter and access it normally?
  2. i can do it online and change the drive lettrs but it just always ask me to format it first and that we are talkin abt 288+gb partition witch canoot hold of 1.3tb of data witch means that 288+gb partition is kinda pointless but ia mnot willing to format it either
  3. rgd1101 said:

    am on it ....
    will post reply after this is done
  4. that partition tool failed detecting any data at all help guys help its the data i earn money with it for my family plz help !!!!!!
  5. it seems like you will need to send the drive to a professional data recovery service
  6. ok guys my problem is solved some days ago i went Dubai with my hdd and it took near $3800 and now all my data is recovered thank GOD !! all my years and years of data now in my hand
    i will suggest u guys to use cloud storage now thax for all your replays guys ^.^
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