HELP! cannot set 1920x1080 HD4850

Hello, My system configuration is Win7-64bit, Sapphire HD4850 512MB DDR3 graphics with Corei5 processor.

My problem is that i cant set my resolution to 1920x1080.

If i do, the viewable area is shrinkd and theres a 6mm space empty all around the screen.So i can only set it to 1680x1050.All my drivers are update.Oh yea, and i use ASUS MS238H as my monitor with 4GB DDR3 RAM.

can anyone help? thnx
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  1. Many monitors allow you to resize the visible area... try getting into the options after setting to the higher resolution and adjusting vertical and horizontal stretch
  2. Try having Windows reinstall the driver for the monitor itself. Sounds like that could be an issue. If Windows is not recognizing the resolution capability of the monitor, that's usually the issue.

    The ASUS MS238H should have 1920x1080 resolution as a max. You might also see if the monitor came with a CD with any type of drivers on it (usually Windows should figure it out by itself though).

    Are you connected with DVI or HDMI? Those would be the preferred connection types for a 1080p monitor.
  3. ^+1. Yeah! The buttons on the monitor, look for "Menu"...
  4. You can Force your monitor to be able displaying the resolution that you want...
    Get to ATI CCC->Desktop properties->Force.
  5. In CCC look for an under/overscan option. Set it to underscan by the maximum amount.
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