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I bought a 120gb SSD. Installed windows and one game, I look at the properties of all folder and it adds up to roughly 30gb yet my Disk stated that only 58gb is free.

111 minus 58 is 53, far from my 30gb, where could that space be?

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  1. I'm sure that space is used by hidden and or overhead type operations. Mine is off by 6 GB on a 60 GB SSD. I don't think you can just add up all the folders to figure this out.
  2. Yeah I understand that and I've already changed the option to see my hidden folders. I just don't think after a fresh install I should have 45gb of windows files...
  3. also make sure you uncheck "hide protected operation system files" option too, otherwise some file/folders will still be hidden even if you choose to show hidden files
  4. So, don't do all of the things in this -- but some of the things, like disabling search and indexing can save space.

    Make sure that windows backup is not going to your SSD.

    Also, start thinking about what things you can keep on the second hard drive. (music, files, etc.).

    If you are using Steam, there is a great little program called steamtool that lets you easily move steam games back an forth between different hard drives.
  5. When I unchecked hide protected system files two files appeared with massive size:

    hiberfil.sys 12gb
    pagefile.sys 15gb
  6. if you have lot or RAM, set the virtual memory low.
    if you don't use hibernation. disable are remove it.
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    If you do not use hibernate, just open a command prompt as admin(start -> cmd right click run as admin[or cmd control+shift+enter] say yes to UAC).

    Powercfg -h off <Enter>

    This will clear out the 12gig file.

    As others have said, you can reduce the page file. I set mine to 4096(4 gigs) for a system with 16 gigs of memory, but you can go lower. I do NOT recommend taking the page file off.

    If you disable or reduce system restore you will also save space over time.

    Last thing is to make sure windows ran its WEI(Windows Experience Index) since that will detect the SSD and do some optimizations and tell it to not auto defrag the thing.

    Check out that page file and NO I did not defrag an SSD. It was my Windows 8 test. Actually got it to be very small after removing that and clearing some stuff out.
  8. If you have hibernate enabled on your wiindows 7 which it is by default you will always have that massive hiberfil.sys storing your your current system state or 75% of installed RAM for fast resume from hibernation. to get rid of it you just need to disable your hibernation. follow this guide and that sys file will go away
  9. Tx all! I freed a lot of space and made my page file on another HDD
  10. Sweet. Have fun.

    It'll tell you everything that's on the drive. Don't delete anything if your unsure of what it is though.
  12. soulofwar said:
    When I unchecked hide protected system files two files appeared with massive size:

    hiberfil.sys 12gb
    pagefile.sys 15gb

    Seems you have 12GB of RAM. I also have 12GB and I set my virtual memory to 0
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