Does crypt32 effect wireless lan

Hello,i am currently trying to get a friends computer to work i cannot find the wireless lan to turn it on
now this is where it gets interesting the computer is the dreaded compaq/hp v6000 rubbish that has a known fault with wireless networking due to hp's lack of quality control and absoloutly no regards for its cutomers never recalled but i digress the computer i have doesnt seem to appear on there site as the faulty ones but it is having the same faults eg no wireless lan to be found so motherboard is failing maybe or does anyone out there have any ideas bottom line to everyone out there no matter what do not buy a compaq or a hp as they fault more than most customer service with hp is the worst i have ever encountered and they really dont care they have your money they make...... and the goverment protection agencies seem to let them get away with selling sub standard faulty machines and the poor schmuck consumer get stuck with ....... any other brand of computer is better than compaq and hp even benq would be better and thats saying something asues toshiba and ibm lenovo acer all are far better than anything compaq and hp make
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  1. Do you mean you can't find the switch to activate the wireless adapter (maybe it's an Fn key combination) or is the problem that you can't detect the wireless router's wifi signal ?
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