How to focre a fan to run faster?

I had 2 8800 graphcis cards go bad both in about 2.5 years each and i didn't realize it until now, but if overheating was the cause of the cards going bad, the case fan could have been part of the cause. (It could have just been the bad quality of wherever dell got their cards though, because the cards seemed to crash even when on a low load, just playing half life 2 on medium or high settings started to crash the first one)

Anyway, I have a Dell XPS 720 and i was wondering if there was any program that i could use to force the case fan that it came with to run faster. I noticed it going up some when i played games but never enough to make any noticeably large sound. Its also very quiet in idle mode. I ordered a new graphics card earlier this week and i dont want this one overheating. (if that was even the cause for the first ones going bad)

I have heard that speedfan could work for changing fan speeds, would i be able to use that?
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  1. msi afterburner lets you control your video card's fan

    you would need to check speedfan's web site if your mobo allows it to control your case fans.
  2. If your problem involves software, hardware or service brands, most reps will pass the buck. Then you start again. Add to the mix some manufacturers charge for support.

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  3. always the option of adding casefans to blow more air onto the card as well :)
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