What is better?

what is better

win7 64 bit
780i 3xsli
800 2x2GB ram
q8200 CPU
1080p monitor
3x gts240


win7 64 bit
780i 3xsli
800 2x2GB ram
q8200 CPU
1080p monitor
1x gtx480

who would win and why? and how much of a win would it be??

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  1. Win in what scenario? Frame Rate? Power Comsumption?

    I think the 3x GTS240 would maybe be better than 1x GTX480, but would maybe use more power and need a high wattage PSU, more so then he GTX480. The 3xGTS240 will be most probs (depending where you are in the world) less expensive than the GTX480 and also make your whole system alot warmer and the GPU's would run ALOT warmer.

    But i dont or cant seem to find any benchmarks with this above scenario based on frame rates.
  2. its a 1000w psu

    for gaming
  3. My personal view on what i myself would buy would be 1x GTX480. This way you have room to upgrade in the future, where as 3xGTS240 maybe better, but your stuck with them untill you decide to upgrade to something better and have to remove all 3.

    You add another GTX480 to a system, 2xGTX480 will be pretty un-stoppable for a good long while yet.

    But thats my personal view on this and i maybe totally wrong.
  4. thank you for all your help
    this will help me out alot!!!

    thanks agian!

  5. Gt240's do not sli.
    They do not come with sli fingers on the pcb.
    Nvidia does not market them as featuring sli so it won't work with internal sli
    The drivers will not allow it.
  6. Before spending lots of money, get just one GTX460 and see how it performs. If it isn't good enough, then add another one.

    Edit: Oh, and if your "1000W" PSU is Diablotek (or other Chokemax), it's good for maybe 500W.
  7. dont go for the gts 240 :non: ....u`ll just have a small performance increase over the BEAST (GTX 480)...get the 480 if u wish to upgrade later ....or what i am using if ur on a budget....bet 2 gts 450 slightly oc them and get 8400gt for phyx this will smack a 480 hard and ull be rady for dx11 tesslisation shader model 5 .ur friends will go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :o.....just an idea about bechs between (2 gts 450 ov and 8500gt) vs (gtx 480 very slight oc)...crysis on sli 1one very high 1920X1200 52fps :bounce: .....on gtx480 45 :sarcastic: ............and nvidia rochet sledge 1 one 70 fps ......480 about 60

    and last thin that q8200 is crap it has to go :hello: i know i am using it with the sameboard i upgraded to @9450 much happier now :wahoo:
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