OCZ Vertex 4 vs Crucial M4

so I've got a dilemma here. I really wanted to buy the Samsung 830 but they don't have one in our local shop.

They've got the Crucial m4 and OCZ Vertex 4 both at the same price point. (both 128 Gb)

So which one should I get? I know the OCZ Vertex 4 performs better in benchmarks, but is it really

that big of a difference to opt for the ocz over the more reliable (at least in reputation) and dated crucial m4?


What can you guys say about the AData SP900? They're selling it here dirt cheap, and it also comes with a mounting bracket.

Why is it so much cheaper than the others? (Is it still decent price/performance wise?)

I will be installing the SSD to an i5-750 (So yeah, no Sata 3, which is a bummer)
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    1) Outside of benchmarks there is only a nickels worth of difference in real life day-to-day performance.
    2) have both the M4 and the 830, bet that if you checked these two systems oput you could not tell which is which.

    3) the 128 Gig Vertex 4 is currently on sale untill Midnight PST for $90. The Vertex 4 is OK, I just do like the company. Promo code: EMCJNNH22

    I have a 2nd generation SSD in My i5-750 and am very happy with it. I can click on a link to a spreadsheet and Exceel opens and the spreadsheet is there in two blinks of the eye. Sure my 830 in my i5-2500k, or my M4 in my i5-2410m will do the same in ONE blink - But how much can you really do in a Blink of the eye - LOL.

    Get it an ENJOY.
    As too reliability I have 13 SSDs by 7 Diff manuf - and not a single failure - Knock on wood.

    PS I do own 2 OCZ Agility III's, one I've stuck in my Wife's system - Has sata II (3). But then the Agility III is really a SAT II SSD dressed up to look like a Sata III drive. I think the Adata SP900 is the same as both use the SF22xx controller and both use the SLOWER Asynchronous NAND. Both these two drives do NOT get a real speed boost by using on SATA III. The High 500+ read write is for Sequencial read/writes using ATTO type bemnchmark - Does NOT perform near as well when data is NOT compressable - IE real Life date leans closer to NOT compressable.
    Bottom Line here is these type drives are great fro a SATA II system as long as you are NOT planning on moving them up to a SATA III port.
    Also for what it's worth - Don't bother getting one of thoes SATA III pci-e card. Also have that (U3S3 card) in my I5-75 - just use it for the USB3 and I stuck a Sata III WD balck HDD on it. But SATA III SSDs do not perform up to par on the 3rd party controllers.
  2. Since buying my 1st OCZ vertex4 and loved it I have now bought 3 more and have had no problem's and they are lightning fast
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  4. @Chief
    Thanks for the quick and detailed answer Chief. Will most likely go for the crucial then,

    Since the m4 don't come with optimization software like the Samsung 830's SSD magician software, can you suggest any guides as how to make my ssd optimized?

    Thanks for the info. I was just worried about ocz ssds since they have really bad customer reviews on their previous models. At least the vertex4 is a breathe of fresh air.
  5. First
    128 gig Vertex 4 Until Midnight PST $90 w/promo code EMCJNNH22

    On tips. (note I have Samsung 830's and have not used their magician to optimize.
    My standard for all my SSDs.
    1) disable Hibernation. Not really needed and saves ssd space upto or = to size of ram.
    2) either limit the amount of diskspace, or (what I do) disable restore points. Over time they can take up a large space, just 10 restore points = 3 Gigs SSD space.
    3) Take control of vertual memory (swap file or page file). if 8 or more gigs of ram some recommend seting to Zero. What I prefer is to set min/max both to 1024 mb, with only 4 gigs of ram recommnet 2048 mbs.
    4) move user/My Docs to the HDD (just google).

    Internet Downloads I direct to the HDD. But Some also set internet Temp to the HDD.
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