EFI bios all I can see is the upper left corner?

I just put together a nice HTPC system to play around on my Sony Bravia.

I wanted to change some Boot priorities and mess around with some stuff in the bios and so after a week of owning this setup I tried to mess with it and I am unable.

When I push delete and get into the EFI bios all I can see is the upper left corner.

I figured it was just a display issues so I dug out an old CRT from the garage (i havent owned a LCD monitor in ages because I have been lucky enough to use my TV and my laptop displays). When using the normal monitor it still displays the same.

What am I doing wrong here?

The bios is the latest version per the Asus website.

Ive seen a few people post the same question but no answers.

I Would really like to play with this thing, my 2600k processor is not worth what I paid for it if I cant overclock it!


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  1. Anyone?
  2. No reply, not even an admin?

    I am all out of ideas, can anyone make any suggestions?
  3. seriously?
  4. I have same problem with my Toshiba LCD-TV and Sabretooth P67 uEFI bios. Everything is correct, when i use VGA. So when i need change something in the bios, I connect my TV wiht VGA cable.
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