So I feel that the time has come for me to upgrade a bit. My current rig is as follows:

Case: Antec 300 with stock fans on top and back + 3x these fans (two intake in front and on intake side)
Mobo: Asus M4A78 Plus
RAM: 6GB PNY DDR2 800 pulled out of an old prebuilt.
GPU: Sapphire HD4870
PSU: Corsair 550W
CPU: Phenom x4 9850 BE with ZALMAN cooler

I'm looking at upgrading the CPU and GPU mostly, but I realize I may need faster RAM as well. I was thinking of getting a Phenom II X6 but I wasn't sure whether to get the 1090T or 1055T, or if either one could use my current cooler, or if they are compatible with my motherboard. I know they both are AM3 and my board has the socket, it was not listed as a supported type on Newegg. I do plan to overclock so if the 1055T can overclock about the same as the 1090T then I think I'd want to go with that.

For the graphics I was thinking about getting an HD5830. I already have a 4870, which performs almost on par with a 5770 (minus DX11) and don't really want to spend the extra $80 for a 5850 so the 5830 seems to suit my needs the best. But if you have another recommendation I'd like to hear it.

If I do end up needing faster RAM, then what do you suggest? Cheaper for me is better, but I don't want to go with a poor brand either. I'm partial to Corsair, Patriot, and GSkill.

I'm currently gaming at 1920x1080 playing mostly Bad Company 2, Fallout 3, Oblivion, soon StarCraft II, and Civilization IV (soon Civ V).

Thank everyone and I look forward to hearing from you!


I forgot to mention, even though this rig is mostly for gaming, I also use it for animating and rendering in Blender and Flash.
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  1. The mobo is ready for AMD Phenom II X6 processors.
  2. You just need a quick BIOS update to enable 6-core CPU...
  3. Your CPU still has a lot of life in it, you can change it later when the prices will be smaller. On the other hand, from 4870 to 5830 is not a big upgrade. Get a regular HD 5850 or this one
  4. That 5850 is $134 more than the HD5830 that I was looking at. I've read reviews and I thought that the 5830 was noticeably more powerful than the 4870 and is a better overclocker. Was this false?

    My main issue with the GPU upgrade is that I want both a boost in performance and DX11 support. Thats why I don't want to go with a 5770, because performance will be about the same, if a little better. I would love to go with a 5850, but I just don't want to spend that much on a new GPU.

    As for my CPU having a lot of life, I'm sure it does. But the fact is I want a faster one, even if I have to OC. The 9850 BE doesn't OC too well. I can only get mine to get to 2.9ghz stable. I want a faster CPU that will make my render times in Blender faster and having 6 cores and faster clocks will help my render times. Playing games at higher quality is what the GPU upgrade is for.

    Again, thanks for your recommendations but please try to keep in mind my budget and needs. If you can find a cheaper 5850, one thats say no more than $50 or so more than the 5830 I was looking at, then I'd like to see it. I don't want an off brand either though, so it may be tough.

    I'm willing to order from multiple sites, preferred are Newegg, Tiger Direct, and Amazon.

    Thanks again!


    Oh, I'm so sorry! I just noticed I never actually gave my budget. I have $800 I can spend on upgrades, but I'd prefer not to spend it all on my computer. I'd prefer to keep it around the $400-500 range.
  5. Oops, some of the 5830 are cheaper now, I think at ~ $200 it's worth it but definitely not the ~ $250 ones - the regular Sapphire 5850 is $284.

    From what I know it's some 10-15% faster than the 5770 while the 5850 is way faster.

    For the CPU you have some benchmarks here against the 1055T
  6. Oh wow thanks so much. I think I'm sold on the 1055T. Render times in 3DS Max were much faster with it than with my 9850. I work in Blender personally, but it's a good comparison for predicting how it will perform in Blender.

    As for the 5830, yea they've gone down in price. I wouldn't have even considered it back when they were $250-$300. But it seems worth the price for $210. But again, if someone else has a better recommendation I'd love to hear it. Until then, I still have that same 5830 in mind.

    Also, should I get some DDR2 1066 if I decide to get the 1055T? I don't think it supports DDR2 800 and my mobo doesn't support DDR3.

    I wont be placing an order until Tuesday, so I have time, but I just want to get it all planned out before I buy.

    Thanks again!


    Actually, looking at some prices and benchmarks I'm thinking maybe I should get a GTX 460. I am concerned as to whether or not it would fit in my case though. Come to think of it, would the 5830 even fit in without modding? Anyway, what are your thoughts on it. Is my PSU capable of handling it? Is it really loud? How hot does it run compared to a 5830? I'll start looking up all these things now, but I'd also like to hear from people who have the card or have more experience with it.
  7. Well I was able to determine that the GTX 460 would fit in my case. I know that it runs hotter than most cards, or so I've read. So now I'm concerned as to whether or not it would be a good card to OC in with my current case and stock cooling. I don't really want to buy an aftermarket cooler for it right now.

    Any thoughts or opinions on the GTX 460 I was looking at? How well would I OC? What temps to expect? How loud is it?

    Benchmarks I've looked at show that it's more powerful than the 5830 so it's a better upgrade for me. The price is very reasonable too. So if I can get some other peoples opinions on this it would really help me.

    Thanks again!
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    GTX 460 is a good option but as I said if you're going to spend money on a new GPU better get something that is really much better than what you already have.

    Your CPU upgrade gives you like 50% over what you already have (there are lots of CPUs in between the 9850 and the 1055T) and it's worth it.

    I wouldn't upgrade from a 4870/5770 to the very next card (5830/460) I would buy a HD 5850 or keep the 4870 for a few months, the prices will likely go down. It's best to jump a card when you upgrade, for instance HD4850/HD5750/GTX250 -> HD5830/GTX460.
  9. Hmmm I think you're right. Besides, I read that ATI is releasing their 6xxx series this fall. It's probably just a rehashed version of their current 5xxx series cards but I think I'll wait to see if prices come down a bit after they release their new series.

    But I do play to order than CPU tomorrow night. I already updated my BIOS so that it can run the new CPU. Can't wait!

    Thank everyone for your help!
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