Someone help me before i make myself bald ARGHH!!!

Hey all ive recently build a new rig with all new parts il list them in a sec...after plugging everything in, hdd, power, cpu and all that stuff im getting 4 error lights on my motherboard. ive looked at my mobo manual but it makes absolutely no sense to me. Can someone help me find out whats wrong and what i need to do to fix it?

Biostar t5xe cfi sli mobo
i7 875k cpu
superflower pyramid 750w gaming 80 plus bronze
msi hawk 5770
WD 250gB HDD
Patriot viper 2 Sector 5 2000Mhz 8-8-8-24 timings
Corsair H50 water cooling kit
Aerocool vx-e Pro LE case

Whats happening is i turn on the PC, all the LED fans light up, fans spinning, GFX card fan spinning, I have controll over fan speeds and H50 pump is pumping away.

Monitor is plugged in but nothing comes up on screen

4 Red lights on mobo
il illustrate

|1|2|3|4|5|6| where;
1: PH4_D4
2: PH3-D3
3: PH2_D2
4: PH1_D1
5: VTT_D2
6: VTT_D1

Currently the end 3 are lit so this makes it VTT_D1, VTT_D2, PH1_D1
According to the biostar mobo manual these lights mean:

PH1_D1 ~ PH4_D4/VTT_D1 ~ VTT_D2

LED1 LED2 Message
ON ON Normal
ON OFF Memory Error
OFF OFF Abnormal:CPU/Chipset Error

PH1_D1 ~ PH4_D4/VTT_D1 ~ VTT_D2 Phase Indicator

ON Phase Active
OFF Phase Inactive

The one other light that is lit is near the sata ports

Where LED_01 is the one lit...WTF does this mean?

Can someone please help me i have no idea waht any of this means, id hate for all this money and time reasearching my equipment to go to waste
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  1. Sounds like a DOA motherboard to me. Or a dead CPU. Have you got a friend who can lend you parts to do trial and error testing?
  2. Its all new. Ive been buying the parts over the last month while researching the next

    What is DOA?
  3. Dead on Arrival, as in not your fault. The part was faulty before it even reached you, could have been bad maufacturing and you got the part through sheer bad luck.

    See if you can RMA it back to Biostar and get a new one sent to you.
  4. man >.< i have the same problem here except LED 1 and 2 are lit which is supposed to signal 'normal' operation. scorcher-- the manual says that if led 1 is on and led 2 is off then it is supposedly a memory issue? did you check ur memory sticks and make sure they are seated in ur DIMMs correctly?
  5. could possibly be defective memory?
  6. You might try calling your motherboard's technical support, or posting in their support forum, to learn more about what the LED lights mean.

    ...I wish my motherboard had diagnostic LED lights built in, that would be awesome!
  7. It seems to have sorted out now, as this was quite some time ago i cant remember exactly what was wrong with it...but i do recall reseating the memory into different slots.

    On the board, there are 4 slots for ram, green orange green orange. one would think you link green with green for two memory modules. Apparently it is not the case as i have two modules installed in the orange and green slots at the end opposite the cpu socket.

    The manual iirc says green goes with green. orange goes with orange. i dont remember since i lost it after i got it all set up :S

    Now, under normal operation the lights are | | | |x|x|x| where x signifies an active light.

    Weird though, as i load cpu-z it does not show my correct memory bandwidth and latency timings, or my proper FSB or multiplier.
    Stock settings 2.93ghz HT enabled, turbo on. but cpu-z reads it at 733mhz :S

    this is even at full load using prime 95...

    weird weird weird
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