HIS Radeon 4870x2 - A few pins partially black, should I be worried?

I purchased this HIS 4870x2 used. When I received it today I noticed these pins partially black or burned or dirty, I don't know. The seller assured that the card works but should I be worried?

How did this happen? I've never seen it before. It looks like it's either dirty or the gold has been scraped off or burned...

Here are some pics:

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  1. Does the card work?
  2. I can't test it until my motherboard comes in on Thursday...

    I was thinking that if the general consensus was I got ripped, I'd contact the seller and try to get a refund asap...
  3. Anybody think this will affect anything?
  4. hmm, i think you've got a burnt pins card...
    This is the reason why i don't want to buy an used component.

    for your safety get a new card, well that's just me. :)
  5. they will work 100%
  6. zhemin said:
    they will work 100%

    Looks like the seller has an account ion Tom's...either that or there's a troll loose....

    Anyways, the only way of knowing is to try it, hopefully it will work. This's why I don't buy used unless I can meet up with the person.
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