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Windows 7 fonts blurry, HD5770 Vapor X , Samsung B2330H


I just Built my new rig with following specs.

i5-750 + GA-P55-UD3
8GB Kingston PC1333 DDR3
HD5770 Vapor-x 1GB,
Samsung 23" WS Monitor, B2330H.

Connected using Belkin HDMI cable.
Installation of windows7 Pro went fine, everything works great except blurry fonts.
Installed latest CCC (Catalyst control center) & all other latest drivers, No Use.

Clear type fonts tweak did nothing.

All fonts are blurry/Fuzzy.

Please help me.
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  1. I know this is gonna sound a bit dumb, but what resolution are you using on your monitor? If its lower than your native resolution [probably 1920x1080], then that could be causing your problem.
  2. What resolution is windows set for? It should automatically detect 1080p and set itself for that (1920x1080).
  3. it is 1920X1080, Landscape, 1080p only.
    Changed refresh rates also no use.

    These blurry fonts happen only with HDMI, outut. While using DVI- things are crystal clear :) :(

    But I need to stick with HDMI.
  4. saran008, there is a thread here that focuses on your problem. Most of the fixes revolve around creating a custom resolution via nVidia's control panel [don't know if this will work with ATi]

    There is another thread here that fixed it using hardware acceleration. To do so:

    - Right-click desktop > click Personalize
    - On the lower left click Display > top left click Adjust resolution
    - Click Advanced settings > click Troubleshoot tab
    - Click Change settings

    I did not post the answers myself and instead gave you the links so that you may redirect your questions there if you wish.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Catalyst Control Center didn't allow that troubleshoot option.
    The option is grayed :(
  6. The hardware acceleration didn't work either? I can't test it out myself since I'm on XP. :(
  7. Yes.Hardware Acceleration is not possible. :(

    Got stuck with this issue :(
  8. So... if you can get DVI to work perfectly... why are you stuck with HDMI? Are you trying to feed audio through it as well or something?
  9. Not like that!
    Can go with DVI.

    But being curios to solve this issue.

    Being a movie freak, purposely opted monitor, GPU with HDMI, but cannot use.
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    The only advantage of HDMI over DVI would be the audio ability. DVI is capable of resolutions over 1920x1080 anyhow. So you won't/aren't losing anything at all by using DVI. In fact it sounds like you're gaining by using DVI, since the text is clear. :)
  11. Thanks for the advice & Help!

    Hope i have to stick with DVI for sometime and have to check after release of new version of display drivers.
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