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Just finished building my new machine, and wanted to thank everyone here who help!! :D I snapped a pic of the old set-up I was replacing, and then a shot of the new build (in the same old case). I moved the old parts into a different case and have given it to a family member in need. Thanks again for the help!

Before - I had no clue about cable management 3 yrs ago when I built this. :o

After - Tryed to put it together a bit better this time around. :sol:
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  1. Excellent cable management. Nice Job.
  2. I could take a leaf out of your book for cable management, mine needs a reshuffle i think.
  3. What parts did you end up using?
  4. AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

    Asus 890GX Mobo

    Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD

    650w Corsair PSU

    HIS 5770

    2x2 Rip Jaws

    Windows 7 Pro 64

    Lite-on DVD

    Rosewill card reader

    All for about $800 usd.
  5. The parts choices as good as the cable management job!
  6. Thanks! I always spend entirely too much time choosing parts, but it is worth it in the end.
  7. good cable management, as good as my HTPC/File Server

    though taking time to pick out parts is a good thing
  8. Excellent work on the cable management devilboy. Looks 100% better than what it looked like before, and I'm sure airflow is much improved :)
  9. can u post a pic of the back side of the mother board too....

  10. I just built my first pc and it looks really sloppy. Most of the wires aren't long enough to reroute through the back of my 902. This may be kind of a dumb question but are there any good tutorials or videos online that help with cable management? I'd like for my management to look half as good as that.
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