Pentium D with 4 Heatsink/Fan Always on High.

I recently did a build with a Pentium D processor and used my old fan from a pentium 4 that ran at almost 3 GHz anyhow everything works great but the CPU heatsink/fan is always going at full speed ? Is this because it is a fan meant for a P4 or is there a way to get it to calm down ?
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  1. Go to BIOS somewhere under "hardware monitor" usually and see if smart fan or Q-fan or something similar is enabled...
  2. I did check and they are enabled so what is the next step to figuring out what to do I haven't spent much time in windows on it so I think I will logon and try windows updates.
  3. If it's on and values haven't been messed up with then then next step i guess would be to see if CPU temps are high. If so then fans are right to be operating at high speed.. Maybe a more appropriate heatsink will slow things down...Or tweek qfan to kick in at higher temps... Is it running at full speed even when just turned on and is as cool as it can be ?? That would be strange...
  4. Yes as soon as I hit the powerbutton they kick on full speed like today forexample the computer has been off overnight and it continues at full blast when I log into windows.
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