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I am presently running a Intel Core 2 Quad Processor NVIDIA GHE Force 8800GTS card. I want to up grade toa 9800GTX+ My Power supply is 700 Watt. Will this 9800 card fit in my BTX tower as it is supposed to be roughly 10 to 11 inches long.
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  1. 8800GTS to 9800GTX ?
    You'll see only a bit performance boost...
    If you want to upgrade then go for GTX 275 or HD5850.
  2. is this the 8800GTS 512mb? or the 8800GTS 320/640mb card?

    if you have the 512 mb version then you are basically moving to the exact same card (9800GTX). you would need to follow wa1 upgrade path. If its the 320/640 mb card then its a solid upgrade.
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