Good Blu Ray Drive/ Ripping Help thanks =]

So I've been searching google and newegg and youtube for the last 4 hours for reviews on Blu Ray internal drives for my new PC build. I need one that is really good quality because my intention of having a BD Drive is to back up my Blu Rays on to my hard drive and then stream them to my 42" flatscreen. I would like some opinions on good Blu Ray internal drives as well as software or ways of ripping them on to my SSD/HDD. I dont need Blu Ray write capabilities. Thanks in advance
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  1. I have one of these that I have been pretty happy with:

    While I haven't done so, you can rip Blu Rays (apparently) with Handbrake. Googling the terms "ripping blu ray with handbrake" will give you links to several tutorials to walk you through the process.

    Good luck!
  2. I used dvdfab for digitizing my collection. Just keep in mind most of the current blu-rays right now are ~50gb in size. Streaming wise you could for example use videolan client.

    As for drive I don't know any good standalone plain blu-ray drives, since I use a burner from plextor.
  3. Hey thanks for your feedback. I'm probably either gonna go samsung or lg for the drive
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