WD 500gb Hard disk Problem

Hi friends.

I run a Graphic Designing and Printing Business and have an assembled Computer Unit in my office for designing.

I have a 500GB WD internal Hard Disk installed which is basically used to store all the designs of my clients.
Its suppose to be the storage drive in the system.

Last Sunday, I powered up the PC and it starte fine. After a while i saw a blue screen error and the pc powered off.
When i powered it on again, it showed that there is no boot device present.

I checked the BIOS settings and to my surprise, the hard disk was not being detected at all.
I opened up the cabinet and felt the disk while it was on.
It was spinning OK. I could feel the heads moving as well.
I sent it to an expert who returned it as it was.

I read on the net that freezing the drive could help but in my case it didnt.
I Plugging it on some other pc and it showed that Drive was present but in the BIOS it couldent detect the manufacturer or the disk size or practically anything.

The disk spins for a few seconds, the heads move a couple of times and then it stops.

What could have went wrong?
Is there a way to recover those files as they are very important.
Will an external casing help?

The specifications are as follows.
Manufacturer - Western Digital
Model No - WD5000AADS
S/No. - WCAV94472629
Date - 05 april 2010
DCX - 7002S4292

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  1. if you have another pc try plugging the drive into that pc. a hard drive that is working should not spin down after there power given to it unless the drive controller or the mb contoller has issues. when the drive in another pc i would run hdtune and check the drive smart warnings. if the drive can be read or seen it may be the drive board has gone bad. try using wd hard drive tools to see if it sees the drive. if it cant and you need the data you have two choices. try and replace the logic board yourself with a used drive of the same model. or send it out to a lab that can repair the drive for you. for your shops data i would do few simple and cheap things so full data loss wont happen again. use an online backup service or cloud. keep a set date of files online if the drive dies or there a fire/flood in the shop. get the files from another location at any time. pick up a second hard drive and put it in the 5.25 bay. on one of those removable drive trays with a lock. use a 40-50.00 good small biz backup software to back up your data to the other drive. the good software will back up the files as the file changes. the other two things to uses in a ghost program and a dvd burner and or a few usb sticks. you can ghost the main drive and burn it to a cd one a month and take that set of disk home. (same for the usb sticks). if there a fire or flood at the shop you at least have a back up off site. if you have more the one pc in the shop then use or make a network storage drive.
  2. It is very rare to have a disk die on you like that, although it can happen. In the situation you are in now it wont be easy to find out what exactly happend when you got the blue screen. It is possible that a storage controller driver crashed but in that case you should have been able to see the drive on another pc. Changing the logic board on the disk may work since as you say the disk mechanism seems to be fine. Dont even try freezing the disk that surely wont help at all!
    You said you connected the drive to another pc but couldn't access it in Windows, or did you just check it in Bios? If you did enter windows and still couldn't access the drive then you will it may help to connect the disk externaly (enclosure or adapter cable) and run disk testing tools to see what you can find out.
    You are in quite a mess and I'm sorry I can't help out any more, but these are the circumstanses that show us how important it is to back up or protect vital data from bad things that can happen. I personaly have had a similar problem and since then I always keep my system on one disk and have a second for storage.
  3. I tried a couple of professionals to recover the data.

    Sadly, everything they tried to recover the disk failed.

    Have to make the setup all over again.

    Thanks for the reply anyway :)
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