Audio Production - Phenom or i7?

I'm looking to put together a new rig and cannot decide whether to go with the Phenom II or an i7. The primary purpose of the PC will be audio production, recording, mixing, mastering - the works. I do want to future proof it to some extent but I won't be using the PC for gaming etc. The plan is to install a 64bit OS and the 2 CPUs I'm looking at are: Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition and i7 950.

Any advice and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you are planning a two CPU config then you need to look at server grade CPU's (namely the Intel Xeon's and the AMD Opteron's).. Desktop CPU's cannot be paired.. Just to answer your query, either of those CPU's (X6 1090T or i7 950) will be good.. My personal recommendation goes to the Phenom as i've found it to be better when considering an audio workstation build.. You wont need the 1090T btw.. The X6 1055T will be good enough.. It'll help you save some valuable dollars which you can spend on topping up for a 8GB RAM config..
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