Windows 7 64 bit on Dell Precision workstation 670 and RAID

I run Windows 7 OS 64 Bit SP 1 on a Dell Precision Workstation with 16 GB Ram. I also run RAID 0 with the enbedded Adaptec RAID controller.

I could not find a reasonable answer on the question of "Windows 7 64 bit on Dell Precision workstation 670 and RAID" so I tried several things and found a solutions that works.

1. Clean installed Windows 7 OS 64 bit on New IDE drive, plugged into IDE Drive Connection on motherboard.

2. Installed two (2) 1 TB HITACHI SATA Enterprise drives, plugged into Serial ATA Connector 0 and 1 on motherboard.

3. Using Controll Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management - Format, I formatted both drives, that takes a lot of time.

4. From the internet --

I downloaded: 1. DELL CERC SATA 1.5/6ch RAID Controller

2. DELL CERC SATA 1.5/6ch RAID Management Device

The Dell Precison Workstation 670 works as configured. RAID 0 works as configured.

The 670 is a real workhorse, like a big dump truck that can handle big loads. It is not a Porsche Boxter!
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  1. So, is everything working as desired now?
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