Hd 5770's and Logitech G15

Hello All!
Just wondering, I have X2 XFX HD5770's (JuniperXT) running in crossfire.
The cards preform wonderfully and I didn't spend very much couldn't be more pleased.

I also have a Logitech G15 gaming keyboard, and I have no way on the G15 to monitor GPU temps.
I've heard the cards run warm, and I have the cores overclocked to 930Mhz with Memory at 1370Mhz and I have no idea how hot they are running.

I have G15 speedfan and under GPU it reads a 42Degrees all the time.
I know that can't be right. Anyway, Im looking for a good G15 plugin that can monitor the temps for both my Graphics Cards.

The only game that actually taxes them enough so I can hear the fans speed up is Crysis with all settings at full I get average 57FPS.
Anything else I can't hear the fans.

Also, I have the XCLIO Blackhawk case. And It has a H.O.N.K.E.R 250mm side fan that blows right over the 2 cards.
So, I don't think with the current clock frequencies that it's reaching dangerous temps.

I just wanta be sure.
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  1. If you haven't overclocked the cards I wouldn't worry about the temps. I haven't heard of these cards running hot before, but I never really researched their temps. I have the same cards in xfire and my temps generally don't go past 75+, and I have them running at 950 mhz.
  2. Depend of ambient temp, almost every HD5770 have good temp. My 5770 on ambient temp of 22C in idle is 31C in load don't go above 68C. But now when outside is 40C, in my room 32C idle is 36C load is 71C...
  3. thestrangebrew said:
    If you haven't overclocked the cards I wouldn't worry about the temps. I haven't heard of these cards running hot before, but I never really researched their temps. I have the same cards in xfire and my temps generally don't go past 75+, and I have them running at 950 mhz.

    How did you get them that high?
    Mine start getting crashy with all games around 930Mhz.

    When I only had 1 card, before I got the 2nd for Crossfire. I could set it Core to 960Mhz and Memory to 1445Mhz and it was perfectly stable.

    Now with the 2nd card I can't take the memory above 1300Mhz and I can only get the core to 920Mhz before it gets crashy.
    I know they can do more, If I up the voltage. I Just don't know how to up the voltage.

    Anyone wanta maybe enlighten me on going about raising the voltage?
  4. Honestly I'm not sure. When I had 1 card, I couldn't get it stable above 940 mhz for some reason and I ended up going with stock for about a month before I got my 2nd card. I decided to give it a shot in xfire and just raised it incrementally till I reached 950 mhz and left it at that. Honestly, I didn't even mess with the voltages or the ram. Those are still both at stock settings unless they go up in relation to the core increase. I used MSI afterburner.

    I'm a noob to OCing so I don't know too much, but I didn't really want to push it much more. But I haven't had any crashes in BC2 or any of the other games that I play so far.
  5. Rivatuner and Everest both allow you to see the temps on the screen,so try them
  6. I can't find Everest ANYWHERE.
    Anyone have a download link?
  7. Best answer
    Use everest ultimate edition, can grab a trial version from their website - just google everest ultimate edition. Its awesome I use it on my g15 to show temps, voltages and clocks of nearly everything in my system.

    EDIT - did it for you -
  8. Awesome!~
  9. Np, you should also get a key for it otherwise the trial versions rather limited. In terms of getting one the rules state I shouldnt suggest obtaining one through shal we say, less than legitimate means. But it is possible...
  10. Hahaha!
    Agreed In Full!
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  12. *Bump

    Just a note, those of you running crossfire setup's
    or Multiple ATI graphics cards.

    The stable v5.50 will hardlock your system.
    make sure and get the beta v5.50.2169
    Thanks for the help you guys!~
  13. Yea I got that exact problem, but new version didnt fix it, was the ULPS power saving function that I had to turn off to fix it. Effectively powers down your second card so when everest tries to read the sensor for it you get a clock interrupt which freezes then shuts down your pc. Took me agggesss to find it by chance, thought it was my 5870s as ones a difference mfg or some other crossfire issue but yea just had to disable it in the bios.
  14. Huh... well, I read about the ULPS thing and the new update fixed it for me!
    How exactly did you get the 2nd card to stay active?

    Because unless Im gaming I can tell the 2nd card is useless and sometimes I'd like to have it working.

    What was the name of the BIOS setting?
    also is it stable?

    Im already running a AMD Phenom 720 X3 2.8Ghz
    I Unlocked the 4th core and clocked it up to 3.2Ghz and it's perfectly stable and fast as hell.
  15. Yea for most the update seems to do it just my awesome luck I guess, haha. Easiest way to do it is just run regedit then search your whole reg for ULPS and every entry that has a value of 1 change it to 0. Completely stable and no issues for me, also when ULPS is on I get a massive lag if I try and open sound playback devices in the task bar, assume it lags while it searches for the hdmi audio output of my second card.

    EDIT sorry just read my above post who knows why I said bios I meant registry, just finished my finals so my heads just not with it atm.
  16. Cool!
    regedit worked well!

    I never had any lag issues with ULPS enabled, but I hated not being to have that 2nd card active when using softwares like Solidworks and and other 3D modeling.

    Thanks dude!
  17. Quick question!

    Everest seems to ONLY run in a window, I can minimize it but I would really like it if i could run it in the taskbar system tray similar to fraps or daemon tools.

    Is there a setting anywhere in the software for that?
    I haven't seen one.
  18. yea man, go into settings and general tab and there is a tick box you can check for minimize to task bar, I also have mine on start minimized too.
  19. Leave it to me!
    Haha well this is a fricken sweet software!!!

    I kinda feel bad about not supporting the software developers.
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