Best am3+ boards???

im finally getting phenom x4 955 but heavily confused am3+ boards! Please give me list of atleast 5 for good affordable boards?????? Preference to asus and gigabyte only!!
Please this will really help ppl! Expecting answers soon
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  1. hello,
    i have an Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3.0 2600Mhz AM3 ATX MoBo....Costs $150 at COMP USA. if your thinking about AM3+ series now i would highly suggest this as your best option because it will be able to handle the future upgrades that will be available. as far as speed and performance....... it is the best for your money. lastly if you really want performance and dont care about the dollar you spend then Asus ROG MoBo's are the way to go.
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