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Hey guys I currently have a core i7-920 and X58A-UD5 motherboard and well I see that I can get money back if I switch to AMD, would you guys recommend switching to 965BE, 1055t, 1090tBE with a decent motherboard? Im looking to getting some money back as i7-920 = 199 or so I forgot and the motherboard was 299. Switching to an AMD would give me money back and could save that to a better graphics card or just use that money for something else. All I really do is gaming(CS:S, MW2), convert videos, some photoshop(not intense photoshop just minor stuff like signatures). What do you guys think? Will I notice any difference at all or what? By the way the graphics card I currently own is HD 4890.
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  1. Well, you will not notice a difference. But why don't you just sell the motherboard and get a cheaper 1366 motherboard?

    Anyway, if you do switch, get a phenom IIx4 955 or 945. They are more than enough for your needs and within a reasonable pricerange. $140-150 or so, plus a motherboard. You can get a decent AM3 motherboard for $90.
  2. Well thank you I was able to switch to AMD 965BE and got asus dominator b4 or something like that. I didn't pay anything and got two year warranty plus 55 dollars store credit. Amazing deals at microcenter.
  3. I'm slightly concerned about the fact you only use photoshop for signitures? Could you not use your counterfeiting talent to gain some cash?
  4. Well I could but I don't know where to start with making cash, also I went back again today to MicroCenter because they gave me a 955 instead of 965 and well they gave me an extra 40 dollars off on the mother board and well 20+ dollars in store credit so a total of 70+ dollars of store credit and I didn't have to pay for 2 year warranty for that bundle! So it is amazing! I like AMD so far and I really cant tell no difference right now, maybe when I start Photoshop maybe I can tell the difference there.
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