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Hi everybody.

Im curious and concerned, i want to start making a collection of digital downloads, mostly movies, and start piling them onto a portable external drive.
Now both my TV's i wish to use have USB ports and video playback functionality, but will that USB port be powered enough to run the external drive?

If not my other options are,
Media Player.
Powered External Drive.

Help would be much appreciated.
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  1. It depends on the drive really. The portable one USUALLY are, though sometimes they do need two ports, the second one to provide a little additional power. So I would start small with maybe a single test drive from a retailer like Amazon with a pretty flexible return policy (if it doesn't work with your TVs, you just pay return shipping). If things work, great, you can order more of that same make and model drive. If not, you try a different one or go to one of your fallback options.
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    The TVs should be able to power a 2.5" drive fine. 3.5" drives need 12V power, so can't run only off a USB port.
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