How to reinstall a graphics card

I installed a game onto my computer and when i do to play it, It says it may have something to do with my version of direct3D and suggest i reinstall my graphics card... I have no idea what to do!

Please help!
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  1. What OS? Current card?
    Yes, re-install your card driver...
  2. First you have to install the graphics card drivers which comes with the card. Each games needs a specific directx. In

    most games the directx will be in the cd or it will install from the net. try these and reply me if you still have a problem.

    Also give me the specs of your graphics card including the brand name so i could check it out.
  3. Direct 3D is part of the Windows Operating System. DX11 is in Windows 7, DX 10 Vista, DX9 XP.

    Is your OS up to date. I'd advise against using the DirectX on the game CD as it will almost always be outdated.
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