What's your internet speed.

Mine is 7.2 mbps with 3 gb limit, capped at 128 kbps.
Paying with $20 usd.
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  1. helo.. i just wanna ask if im getting wat im paying for, my plan is 384 kbps and it is 888 per month. my average downspeed at speedtest is 350 kbps.and upspeed of 150kbps.is this enough?. .any replies and comment would be a big help.tnx

  2. I pay $45 for 12 Mbps downstream\1.5Mbps upstream ao pretty much get what I pay for. (though might be changing providers soon since AT&T is implementing a 250GB monthly limit starting in May instead of unlimited !!)
  3. DL - 221.3 Mb/s ( 250 Mbit Service)
    UL - 8.91 Mb/s ( 10 Mbit service )
    Ping - 18 ms

    Service Provider - SHAW Cable - $119/Mo
  4. U/D: 100Mbit.
    Ping: 7 ms at 400Km.

  5. Internode easy naked ADSL2+ 150GB/month capped speed at 256kbps (un-metered content and voip not counted and not capped), including voip with $20 phone credit = $69.95AUD

    Damn, the rain must have seep into my line again. I usually get 6.3/0.95/28.

    You can see Australian is paying a lot for a very slow speed and the politician here is still playing political games with the infrastructure.
  6. When I get home I'll post my speeds.
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