How to make my acer aspire 5735z wireless enabled

how do make my acer aspire 5735z wireless enabled ? so I can access internet remotely
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  1. Is the wireless adapter switched on ? Might be a physical switch or an Fn key combination -- see instructions booklet.
  2. When I purchased the laptop it had Windows Vista. I wiped the HDD clean and installed WinXP Pro. It's always worked perfectly but now I want to activate the wireless and can't. I've installed a D-Link wireless modem, the network is all set up but it wont connect, doesn't find any networks. Windows says it can't configure the wireless network. Wireless Zero Configuration is not present on the computer. The wireless should be activated by pressing Fn + F3 but that doesn't work presumably because I wiped everything and installed my own copy of WinXP. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
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