Celeron (R) CPU 2020 GHz compatible processors?

Hi there,

Looking to upgrade my processor on my Dell tower (Dimension series) It is running on a Celeron(R) CPU 2.20GHz, It's extremely slow so I need to know what processors are compatible with it? Is it a 378 pin? Any help would be appreciated..


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  1. You will have to give us the model number of the Dell for us to determine if it can even be upgraded. If it is a socket 478 the highest you could go is a 3.2ghz Pentium 4 but the old Dell board might not even support that so list the model number and we can try to help.
  2. Its LGA478, one of the those old ones. Unfortunately they are no longer in production i think. So it would be hard to replace them Save the money and get a new complete build if possible.
  3. hi Lads,

    Thanks for the quick reply, the model is a Dimension 2350, the system type is a X86-based PC. The Processor is a Model 2 Stepping 7 Intel 2192MHz...I don't understand what a new complete build is I'm afraid. I'm not computer savvy.
    Can you explain what that actually means?

    Thanks for all your help lads,

  4. Ok that is a very very old system like hell storm said the max you can put is a Pentium 4 2.5ghz which you could probably find on fleabay for dheap but it is so not even worth the trouble you will see little to no difference time for a whole new system.

    Good Luck
  5. Thanks.............
  6. A new build is a new PC with the latest stuff. That will get you some advantage on your applications. Just determine a budget and post in the Systems sections with your requirements.
  7. Basically, the system is SO old, no parts are even made for it anymore. You do have some upgrades you could do, but because the parts are so hard to find, you'll overpay for components that are still FAR slower then what more modern PC's use.

    In short: Its cheaper to buy a new system than try to upgrade that PC.
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