Antec TP-750

Well let me start this off by thanking Antec for letting me try some products to bring some more personal experience and knowledge to the forum.

I was given a TP-750 New series to give a try and it is really a power house of a unit.

The unit itself is made by Sea Sonic it is very well constructed it uses quality parts. It has Hybrid Modular Cables so the main 24 pin, CPU power and a few other mandatory cables are hard wired to reduce resistance. 80 Plus Bronze Certified I personally think for the price of this unit that it should be at least a Silver rating but this is by all means no deal breaker on a decision to purchase since it is at least Bronze Certified. DC to DC voltage regulator modules for greater system stability
Highest quality Japanese brand capacitors ensure long-term reliability.

When you look at the box and the unit itself you might think that this is just a regular run of the mill power supplies but in reality this is a beast a fierce power house waiting to feed your high powered components all the juice they crave. The TP-750 is rated for 750 watts but Antec could have labeled this as a 900 watt unit the guys at Hardware Secrets put this unit thru its paces and they were able to draw 900 watts from it before it shut down pretty impressive.

My system as of now does not even draw anywhere close to 750 watts so I personally can’t take this unit to its max but there are a few trusted reviews and all have rated this unit pretty high I definitely would recommend Antec TP-xxx New series to anyone looking for a very well-constructed stable power supply.

Detailed Reviews

For more detailed product specs go to Antec’s Website.
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  1. Its great! The TP series of Antec is really good. But which one is better, the TP series or the Quattro?
  2. The Quattro's are equally as good they are made by a different company Enhance Electronics they make SilverStone and Akasa units too. The Quattros have a very good design I like the look they have and there performance is pretty good too but IMO Antec should stick with SeaSonic for their manufacturing it seems that they have just that little extra quality then everyone else in their construction and parts.
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