HD5770 Unable

Hello fella...

I have install Conviction and set all setting to high and it seem the game run slow sometime...

i play it at 1023x768 resolution.... are HD5770 cannot support the game excelent
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  1. Should be more then fine at that res, what does the rest of your system look like?
  2. Then try lowering your setting to medium, see whether lags still there or not...
  3. Ok... I have try and no more lags.. :-)

    But play with low setting will reduce interesting in gaming... :-(
  4. Then there's must be something's wrong on your system, since you wtill suffer some lags on 1023x768...
    You already update with the latest driver, right?
  5. yeah... i use 10.5 ccc and its not lags actually when i set all setting to high and play again and sometime it become slow a bit....
  6. run some benchmarks..unigine heaven,FC2,etc.
    your specs.,dude..
  7. 500 watt PSU
    Amd Phenom x4 955
    4G RAM
    M4A78 Mobo
    HD5770 Vapor-x

    Any guide...?
  8. Is this the only game you have problems with ?
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