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what is a good intel i5 or i7 processor, i will be using VMWare so the processor needs to acomodate virtual machines, also what motherboard would be good for the processor, i will be putting Windows 7 so I can run many virtual machines.
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  1. For what you mentioned the i7 950 would be fine.

    But it mostly dependent on you budget. If everything doesn't fit in your budget then you may have to settle for an i5.
  2. I have been told to get proceessor that has hyper v or something they were not sure, this allows virtual in my case VMWare, does the mobo need to have this capability and the daftest question what is it called i am looking for, as the person that told me was not sure themselves they just new it existed, i dont want to make an expensive mistake, i5 will probably be the way i go.

  3. Virtualization is a chip thing. All chips these days tend to support it these days.
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