My TOSHIBA portable hard drive is not working properly


I have a TOSHIBA portable hard drive 1TB, when I plug it into my TOSHIBA laptop it makes the usual sound, the white light on the hard drive blink and I can hear and fell the hard drive buffering. The problem is that my laptop does not respond, it does not show the auto-play pop up windows nor it shows under drives on my PC. I have tried with another computer and the problem still remains.

I already uninstalled the USB drivers on device manager and rebooted the computer and still no luck.

If I can even just get the information out it would be fine.

Windows 7 HOME PREMIUM 64x

If someone can guide me thru on how to fix it or get at lease the information that I have in there it would save my day.
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  1. Go into Control Panel >> Computer Management >> Disk Management

    Look in the bottom-right pane.
    If you can see a ribbon with no drive letter or device name on it, and it says "Raw", right-click it and choose "Change Drive Letters & Paths".
    click New
    Choose a letter from the alphabet drop-down box.
    Continue or 'OK' as appropriate.
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