Placing a FAN in my CM 690 II for optimal perfomance.

Hi Guys. I bought a CM 690 II Basic some weeks ago and 2 Sickerflow 120mm fans. I placed one at the top of the case and 1 in the top and 1 in the side panel. My mobo is mATX and practically the other HALF of the case is empty because my videocard barely exceeds the mobo's size (Sapphire HD 5770)

Yesterday I disconnected the top side fan because it was getting to noisy and I don't see a temperature hit, I think the back and top fans are directly putting out the cool air this one is getting in so i don't see the point of it being there. I want to change my fans positioning, there's only 1 intake in in the front and 1 exhaust by default. Where should I put the other 2 fans???

Thanks guys
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  1. If you are not running more then two hard drives with your current setup then the single intake and single exhaust should be more then enough air movement to keep things cool. All those extra fans are only needed if you are running some multi GPU setups with massive raid arrays then heat will be an issue.

    I would say just stick with the conventional one in the bottom front and one at the top back If I were to consider adding one in that system it would be one on the bottom for the power supply.
  2. I have 2 extra fans and I would like to put them in my system...
  3. BTW I removed the HDD Cage and only the 2 first bays on the top are attached to the case.
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