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I purchased an internal bay that supports 3 removable SATA hard drives. I had 2 hard drives (1-OS, 1-Data), and purchased a 3rd to install as a limited OS drive. When I installed the unit, on the first boot, I could see both drives (3rd disc not installed yet). On the second boot, It had formed a RAID 0 to show it as one large drive.
Reason for install was to have 2 different boot drives that would utilize the remaining drive as a data disc. Now when I try to decouple them, it says I will lose all data. Any suggestions?
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  1. RAID 0 stripes data across two drives, you cannot split them back apart once they're made. That being said, you need to either back up your data to another drive, another system, or clone the Raid 0 to a different single drive. Those are the only ways to migrate between Raid and non-raid.
  2. since you have 3 drives you can do raid 5
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