Intel data migration good?

Just got my intel ssd. Is the Intel migration software really good? I want to copy my OS and some other applications to my new ssd from my hdd.
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    I used that software when I added an Intel SSD and it worked for me. I have not had any problems and did not have to reinstall any of the software. I used it on a laptop and desktop computer. I attached the new drive as an external drive and ran the migration software. When I did this I made sure the disk I was migrating from did not contain more software/files, size wise, than the SSD would hold. Keep in mind that you should have at least 10% of the SSD space free for optimal performance.
  2. It sucks unless you are using the default Automatic option and don't change any settings. I've done 4 HD to SSD migrations (two with Intel's software), and I found Aomei is better. The intel program is slower and has problems when using the Wizard. It also hangs at times
  3. okay I decided I'm going to do a fresh install.
    Thanks guys.
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