Single 5870 vs Crossfired 5830s?

I currently have a gigabyte 5830 and am trying to decide on my upgrade path. I cant seem to find a benchmark that pits the 5870 against a pair of 5830s anywhere. My total cost will be about the same because if I crossfire I will have to get a new motherboard and a new PSU, so this is strictly about performance. Opnions are welcome, benchmarks would be fantastic.
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  1. 2 x 5830's would be better than a HD5870 and roughly the same as a GTX480, however for you it doesn't seem worth it if you have to get a new mobo + a new PSU + another 5830, If your PSU can handle a single 5870 then I would sell your current 5830 and buy a HD5870.

    You Would get less performance but it would cost you less money, and use less power.
  2. I wont sell my 5830, it will go into my HTPC, but I get your logic. Plus with a 5870 I have more headroom...I could Crossfire it down the road when my CPU is ready for an upgrade. This is the route I am leaning towards. I effectively get 3 GPU upgrades by cycling hand me downs to each of my computers and I have room to grow next upgrade. Plus, call me lazy, I dont feel like swapping the PSU and Mobo until I get my next case.
  3. fair enough, I how much of a PITA it can be to take out a mobo and PSU, takes ages.... especially if your like me and you cable tie all the cables to your case.

    This shows that 2 x 5830's are almost always faster than a single HD5870, however the HD5870 does do better in the minimum FPS sometimes... I would guess that the 2 x 5830's are up to 20% faster when crossfire scales well.
  5. yeah, I am a little picky about my cables. I run them around and hide them as much as possible. takes a while
  6. sweet, exactly what I needed. A 5830 XF upgrade would cost me $460. A 5870 would cost me about $400. I think I liek the idea of the 5870 because of the future possibility of a XF 5870 setup and to save me some cabling crap. Thanks for the help and the link.
  7. Your welcome :)
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