Help... can only get 4 of 6 x EAH5450 videocards to work in X58A-UD9 mobo

I have just got a X58A-UD9 mobo and installed 6 x EAH5450 Silent 1GDDR3 video cards as I need to run 18 monitors from one PC. The problem is no matter what I do, I can only get 4 out of the 6 cards to work. 2 just get an error code 31 and says the driver cannot be installed. I have reinstalled drivers etc, verified the cards work in another PC (which they do) tried adding auxillary power to the mobo and also tried without it and still nothing. These cards only use 19 watts of power so I cannot see this being a power issue from the X59A-UD9 board. I am running a i7 980x processor stock, not overclocked and have 12 GB of Triple Channel RAM so should be no issues there. I have been beating my head against the wall all day and am out of ideas on what the cause of the problem could be. Is there any PCI exansion slot tweaks needed in the BIOS to run 6 graphics cards instead of 4 or some other funky thing I am missing? Any help at all would be appreciated.

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  1. Have you tied technical support from the vendor that made your cards? You could also try Gigabyte tech support, as it may be a motherboard issue.

    You've paid a fair chunk of change for your setup, and you should be entitled to some sort of assistance for this sort of issue. I personally have never worked with a computer with anymore than 3 video cards, so have to admit a complete lack of experience in this arena.
  2. good idea, thanks, will try GIGABYTE support. i was just curious if there is anything special needed for more than 4 video cards. this is the first time i have used 6 cards so have no expereince with such a large number of video cards as it seems to be something with more than 4 cards installed that it just does not like.
  3. wow, 6 cards for 18 monitors...
    Try as JofaMang said above and report back to us, will you? :D
    I'm curious about your case...
  4. hmmm well i was told by someone at a computer shop today that it looks like the X58A-UD 9 may only support 4 video cards even though there are 7 PXI x slots. Does that sound right? What would be the point of this board if you cannot use them all or am i missing something here. Now i may have to add 2 Matrox boxes and 2 x USB to VGA boxes. Talk about a patch job to get the 18 monitors....
  5. I have only heard of a 4 card limit when it comes to crossfire or sli, and perhaps that is what the guy at the computer shop is telling you.

    I would still pursue vendor tech support before spending anymore money.
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